Travel Terms

1.    All travel purchases to be made via a user registered account at Upon purchase, a ticket will be produced which must be shown when boarding the vehicle either in printed form or on a smart phone / tablet device.

2.    A minimum of two working days (Monday - Friday) are required to reserve a seat on a specific journey. A ticket can be purchased with the intention to use within two working days notice without specific seat reservation.

3.    Tickets need not be allocated against a specific date and time but to do so will reserve a seat on this journey. Allocation of ticket(s) against a specific date and time need not be completed at time of purchase and can be managed through My Account at

4.    Tickets allocated to a specific date and time can be used on an alternative journey on the selected date only but without reserved seating. Tickets that are allocated against a selected date but unused cannot be reissued for a later date and will be deemed to be null and void. No refunds or credits are given for unused or cancelled tickets.

5.    The valid till date on purchased ticket(s) is dependant on purchase date and selection of either 1 Day, 5 Day or 20 Day Ticket. Any ticket(s) that are unused after their valid till date will be deemed to be null and void.

6.    A Single Journey 1 Day Ticket can be purchased when boarding the vehicle, subject to availability, at a cost of £3.00. Payment can be made either in cash or by debit / credit card (excluding American Express).

7.    Any resident discount codes will be issued by or on behalf of Countryside / L&Q Direct. No discount code can be applied after purchase of ticket(s).

8.    It is the customers responsibility to check that all details regarding their booking are correct. We take no responsibility for any incorrect information we may have been given.

9.    Being a scheduled service we do operate as per our timetable. However, we take no responsibility for circumstances beyond our control which may affect the service or timetable. Ie. Traffic accidents, road closures, bad weather, etc.

10.  Any left property will be returned to MyLocal Flyer - Avon Coaches Coach Depot, Danes Road, Romford RM7 0HL for the customer to collect. Perishable left property will be disposed of at the end of the day found. Any other items of left property will be held for a reasonable period of time.

11.  Any refunds, if applicable, will only be transacted through Avon Coaches office.

12.  MyLocal Flyer service is operated by Avon Coaches (Essex) Ltd. Payment receipts will show as from or to Avon Coaches (Essex) Ltd.